Fall Semester Spring Semester
Math 161: Calculus I Math 162: Calculus II
Chem 121: General Chemistry I Chem 122: General Chemistry II or
ES 231: Nature of Engineering Materials
ES101: Introduction to Engineering Physics 131: Physics I: Mechanics
First-Year Seminar English 110: College Writing
Math 263: Calculus III Math 264: Differential Equations
ES 226: Statics ME 210: Manufacturing & Design
Physics 132: Electricity & Magnetism
Physics 133: Thermodynamics & Waves
ES 230: Strength of Material
Social Science & Humanities Electives ME 240: Dynamics
Social Science & Humanities Electives VaST
ME 331: Instrumentation & Data Acquisition ME 352: Dynamics of Physical Systems & Electrical Circuits
ME 353: Engineering Design I ME 360: Thermodynamics II
ME 350 Thermodynamics I ME 371: Engineering Design II
Math/Science Elective ME 362: Fluid Mechanics
Social Science & Humanities Electives Social Science & Humanities Electives
ME 470: Heat Transfer ME 475: Thermal/Fluids Systems
ME 478: Control Systems & Mechantronics ME 498: Senior Design Project II
ME 479: Control Systems & Mechatronics Design and Analysis Free Elective
ME 497: Senior Design Project I Technical Elective
Free Elective With Restrictions Technical Elective

Free Elective With Restrictions: (classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016)

Mechanical engineering majors in the classes of 2012 and beyond are required to complete 10 math and science (M/S) courses, totaling at least 9.5 course credits. The free elective slot may be used to complete the 10th M/S course or a technical elective may be used to complete the 10th M/S course. If a technical elective is used, it must satisfy the requirements for both a M/S and a technical elective. AP courses, such as AP Biology, may be used to satisfy a M/S requirement.