The minor requires a total of five courses:

BIOL 101 (General Biology),

At least one from a selected list of science courses:

BIOL 225, BIOL 251, BIOL 255, BIOL 256, BIOL 312, BIOL 340, CHEM 231, CHEM 332, CHEM 351, CHEM 352, CHEM 452, MATH 374, MATH 385, NEUR 201, PHYS 220, PSYC 225, PSYC 323, PSYC 324,  Independent Study and/or Honors Thesis with biotechnology content in one of the science departments, and

One course from a list of selected engineering courses:

CHE 311, CHE 337, CHE 340, CHE 372, ME380, ME 489, ME 492, ECE 437, Independent Study and/or Honors Thesis with biotechnology content in one of the engineering departments.

Students electing this minor are encouraged to take at least three courses from departments other than their own majors and pursue a bio-oriented Independent Study or Honors Thesis. Note that no more than three courses required (a) for the major or (b) the Common Course of Study requirements may be counted toward a minor.

The minor program is not available to students who are pursuing two majors.

Students can enroll in engineering and science courses that have prerequisites with the instructor’s permission. Students may petition appropriate deviations from the course selection suggested for the minor.

Note that some courses may not be offered every year. It is student’s responsibility to plan his/her schedule in advance in order to complete the requirements of the minor.

The Biotechnology/Bioengineering Minor Advisory Committee must approve program of study selected by a student to obtain the minor. Students interested in the minor may contact one of the following faculty for questions:

Professor Steven Nesbit, Mechanical Engineering,, ext. 5446

Professor Manuel Ospina-Giraldo, Biology,, ext. 5655

Professor Javad Tavakoli (Chair), Chemical Engineering,, ext. 5433

Professor Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem, Mathematics,, ext. 5328

Professor Yih-Choung Yu, Electrical & Computer Engineering,, ext. 5407