Honors research enables students to explore areas of interest to them and set themselves apart. Students who pursue honors research are mentored by a faculty member in their thesis work. Learn more about Lafayette’s requirements and procedures for departmental honors.

Honors in mechanical engineering is an award given for excellence in scholarship and an independent research/design project completed during two semesters at Lafayette College. The following rules and criteria pertain:

  • Students must have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher overall, and 3.20 in ME, to be eligible for honors in mechanical engineering.
  • Students completing an independent honors thesis must enroll in ME 495/6 (Thesis).  At least two semesters of independent study are required for honors. The approval of the anticipated faculty advisor is required for registration for ME 495/6.  These courses may substitute for the Senior Design requirement only if the thesis contains a significant design component .

Those interested in an Mechanical Engineering honors thesis should read the ME495 Syllabus for details and guidance.