Math and Science Electives

Allowable Math and Science courses are listed below. Students wishing to take a course not included on this list may petition the Mechanical Engineering Department for consideration.


Math 272 or higher, except Math 360


All courses


All courses except Physics 111, 112, 121, 122, and 131


All courses except CHEM 102 and 121


All courses

Geology and Environmental Geosciences

All courses

ME Technical Electives (classes of 2017 and beyond)

These electives are a diverse set of courses in design, thermal systems, and dynamic systems. Students in the class of 2017 and beyond must choose 2 approved ME Electives to allow them to study advanced topics applying the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. Any ME course at 300 level or higher, not already required for the major, will fulfill this requirement. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisors regarding course selection.

Technical Electives (classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016)

These electives are a diverse set of courses in design, thermal systems, dynamic systems, and other relevant areas of engineering, mathematics, and science. These courses give students the opportunity to study advanced topics in their areas of interest. Technical electives emphasize the application of fundamental concepts and provide a sound basis for graduate study and professional practice in Mechanical Engineering.

1) The following courses count as Technical Electives:

  • All Mechanical Engineering courses at 300 level or higher, not part of required major curriculum
  • All Civil, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering courses at the 300 or higher level
  • All Chemistry, Physics, and Biology courses at the 300 or higher level plus Chemistry 221 and 222
  • All Math courses at the 300 or higher level, except Math 360
  • All Engineering Studies (EGRS) courses at the 400 level, and EGRS 352
  • Some Psychology courses at the 300 level or higher may be used (See department head)
  • All Computer Science and Computational Methods courses at the 300 or higher level

2) Courses in the above departments at the 200 level may be considered as Technical Electives under the following circumstances:

  • The course forms part of a minor field of study
  • The course is important for professional practice goals
  • The course is necessary for entrance into a professional degree program

This determination will be made by the student’s advisor in consultation with the department head.

3) Students wishing to take courses as Technical Electives that are not included on this list may petition the Mechanical Engineering Department for consideration.

Social Science and Humanities Electives

Students in the classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 should consult the list of approved Humanities and Social Science Electives.

Students in the class of 2016 and beyond must complete the revised Common Course of Study. This entails:

First-Year Seminar; Distribution Requirements: one course in the Humanities (H); one course in Natural Science with lab (NS); one course in Social Sciences (SS); two additional courses in two different divisions outside the student’s home division; and one Quantitative Reasoning (Q) course. Please note that the requirements of the Mechanical Engineering major include classes satisfying the NS and Q requirements, so it is not necessary to satisfy these requirements with electives.

Also: three additional courses using process writing methods and designated as Writing-intensive (W), with at least one course in the major and at least one course outside the major; two courses in Global and Multiculturalism (GM); one class satisfying the Values Requirement (V); and Elementary Proficiency in a second language, requiring the completion of a year of study of a language. Students may be exempted via advanced placement credit or testing.

Note that some classes may satisfy multiple elements of the Common Course of Study. Students are urged to discuss their course planning with their academic advisors.