Mechanical engineers design the future.

To address challenges facing society both locally and globally, mechanical engineers combine technical analysis with creativity. They apply scientific and mathematical ideas to create machines, products, and technological systems in a wide range of contexts. They often work collaboratively with team members of diverse expertise.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a comprehensive curriculum, full of learning experiences that prepare our majors for professional work or further study at the graduate level. Design is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students use contemporary engineering computer software and apply modern manufacturing processes in analyzing and constructing their design projects.


Student Projects

Students work together in collaboration with faculty and laboratory staff to design and build a variety of working machines. Recent projects include a reusable rocket, a small Formula-style race car, a model airplane, and a Battlebot.

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The department has approximately 12,000 square feet of laboratory space which is used to support undergraduate instruction, student research, student design projects, and faculty research.

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Articles cover some of the cutting-edge undergraduate research and other projects developing in mechanical engineering.

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