This sample schedule reflects choices that are suitable for many students. However, each student should discuss his or her interests with the academic adviser to choose a schedule that best meets the student’s objectives. The representative schedule¬† applies to students in the class of 2017 and beyond.

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Math 161: Calculus I Math 162: Calculus II
Chem 107: General Chemistry I ES 231: Nature of Engineering Materials
ES 101: Introduction to Engineering Physics 131: Physics I: Mechanics
First-Year Seminar ES 226: Statics

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Math 263: Calculus III Math 264: Differential Equations
ES 230: Strength of Materials* ME 240: Dynamics**
Physics 133: Physics II Elective to fulfill CCS
ME 210: Manufacturing & Design* Math/Science Elective
Elective to fulfill CCS Elective

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ES 254: Engineering Thermodynamics ME 352: Dynamics of Physical Systems & Electrical Circuits
ME 355: Engineering Design ME 362: Fluid Mechanics
ME Elective or Elective ME 331: Instrumentation & Data Acquisition
Elective Elective or ME Elective
Elective Elective

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ME 470: Heat Transfer ME 475: Thermal/Fluids Systems
ME 480: Control Systems & Mechatronics with Lab ME 498: Senior Design Project II
ME 497: Senior Design Project I Free Elective
Elective or ME Elective ME Elective or Elective

* Both ES230 and ME 210 may be taken in either fall or spring. Students studying abroad in the spring semester should take both in the fall semester. Students not spending a semester abroad may take either or both classes in the spring semester.

** ME 240 includes significant instruction and experience in MATLAB programming. This programming experience is a prerequisite for ME 331. Students who complete ME 240 at another institution or wish to enroll in ME 331 prior to completing ME 240 must pass a MATLAB programming proficiency test administered by the Mechanical Engineering department.