Mechanical engineering students study a broad spectrum of courses including sufficient electives in the humanities and social sciences to prepare them for a variety of careers, and to fulfill the Common Course of Study. Typically, one course in four in the program at Lafayette is chosen from the liberal arts.

A full listing of mechanical engineering courses may be found in the College catalog.

The representative schedule shown below applies to students in the class of 2017 and beyond.

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Math 161: Calculus I Math 162: Calculus II
Chem 121: General Chemistry I ES 231: Nature of Engineering Materials
ES 101: Introduction to Engineering Physics 131: Physics I: Mechanics
First-Year Seminar ES 226: Statics

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Math 263: Calculus III Math 264: Differential Equations
ES 230: Strength of Materials* ME 240: Dynamics**
Physics 133: Thermodynamics & Waves Elective to fulfill CCS
ME 210: Manufacturing & Design* Math/Science Elective
Elective to fulfill CCS Elective

* Both ES230 and ME 210 may be taken in either fall or spring. Students studying abroad in the spring semester should take both in the fall semester. Students not spending a semester abroad may take either or both classes in the spring semester.

** ME 240 includes significant instruction and experience in MATLAB programming. This programming experience is a prerequisite for ME 331. Students who complete ME 240 at another institution or wish to enroll in ME 331 prior to completing ME 240 must pass a MATLAB programming proficiency test administered by the Mechanical Engineering department.

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ME 354: Thermodynamics ME 352: Dynamics of Physical Systems & Electrical Circuits
ME 355: Engineering Design ME 362: Fluid Mechanics
ME Elective or Elective ME 331: Instrumentation & Data Acquisition
Elective Elective or ME Elective
Elective Elective

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
ME 470: Heat Transfer ME 475: Thermal/Fluids Systems
ME 480: Control Systems & Mechatronics with Lab ME 498: Senior Design Project II
ME 497: Senior Design Project I Free Elective
Elective or ME Elective ME Elective or Elective


Students are encouraged to pursue a range of subjects through their elective courses. All Lafayette students must satisfy the Common Course of Study (CCS) requirements.

Mechanical engineering majors in the classes of 2017 and beyond are required to complete nine math and science (M/S) courses. As many introductory science courses are limited to first and second year students, we encourage you to take those courses early on, by the end of your second year of study if possible.

ME electives are chosen from a diverse set of courses in design, thermal systems, dynamic systems, and other relevant areas of engineering, mathematics, and science. These courses give students the opportunity to study advanced topics in their areas of interest. Technical electives emphasize the application of fundamental concepts and provide a sound basis for graduate study and professional practice in mechanical engineering. The mechanical engineering program requires two advanced ME electives (ME courses numbered 300 or higher); students may petition for one of these requirements to be fulfilled by an approved course in Computer Science or another Engineering discipline. Courses the mechanical engineering has reviewed and approved include: CS 150 and higher; ChemE 331, 360, 372, and 386 ; CEE 331 and 411; ECE 205, 436, and 437; EGRS 352; and ES 234.

More information on electives may be found here. Students are encouraged to consult with their adviser in choosing electives.